Just like we all have different faces, thoughts, ideas and experiences, we have also different perceptions and see issues from different perspectives. So, our priorities, values, goals and motivation are different. The problem with most of us is that, we hate to accept others whose ideals and beliefs are different from ours. This in my opinion is one of the greatest problems facing humanity.

Follow the numerous rants, insults and abuses on social media today and you will see that the common denominator is the expression of divergent views, ideals or opinions by someone else. Continue reading



Good evening friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Today , we will be continuing our discussion on“7 (WRONG) REASONS TO GET MARRIED”. If you missed last week’s episode, please catch up on my timeline.

Reason not to marry 3; PRESSURE. This is the influence friends, family, society and your own psyche place upon you. You will always have family members or friends who put pressure on you to settle down because they think it is time.

You need to realize that these people will not be in marriage with you and won’t directly feel the consequences of a broken marriage. If you’re in a situation, where you’re constantly reminded of your age & need to get married, find a way to silence the noise.

Why you shouldn’t marry due to pressure is because the pressure will be even louder if you are miserably married. The same people who pressurized you into marriage won’t be there when there’s problem in the marriage. Be wise. Being able to see past the glitz and glam of the wedding is essential.

They say that “age is but a number” but I would argue that age does give something a little extra & it’s called experience!  Also, don’t give in to the pressure to marry “because it’s been Continue reading


Good day friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Today, we will be discussing “7 WRONG REASONS TO GET MARRIED”.  Do invite your friends to follow the conversation.

Saturdays, tons of ‘owambe’ weddings happen & it seems everyone is in a hurry to “catch the bae” & feature on Bella naija.

It’s February and there’s a major countdown to the “love season” February 14th the frenzy is high. If care is not taken, a lot of single people will come under pressure and depression.

The decision to marry is the biggest decision that most people make in a lifetime, it is safer to make that decision carefully.

Marriage is hard work, but so is divorce. Marriage is a delicate issue. The wrong choice of a spouse can cause an irreparable damage to one’s life.

If you buy a wrong house, car or television set, you can make do with it for a time and after a while, replace it. However when you marry the wrong person, you have made a wrong choice that would last a life time.


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DivorceGood evening friends, welcome to December! It’s never too late to achieve your dreams, don’t lose hope yet. Today, we shall be addressing a topic many shy away from, but unfortunately, it is a reality these days & staring at us in the face.

You find two people who seem to be in love/inseparable, get married few months, years down the line; they want a DIVORCE! It almost seems normal these days, for couples to be “tired and want out” in a marriage.

Staying married these days almost seems abnormal. This makes me wonder, how did our parents stay married to each other with all the issues/problems they Continue reading


Good evening friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Do remember to invite a friend to follow the conversation.

Today, we shall be discussing “REBOOTING A DYING RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE.” Nothing hurts quite like a dying marriage/relationship. There is no loneliness as intense as living with a stranger, especially one that used to be your best friend.

When a relationship/marriage is dying, the prospect of separating appears appealing than staying together. In a dying marriage/relationship, that one person whom you love with your heart has become a roommate than a soul mate. So how did you get here, and are there any ways to get back to the love you once knew?

Firstly, is it normal to feel Continue reading

If you want to get to your destination, you better keep the headlights on in the dark.

No matter how experienced you are at driving, you will always need the headlights at night.

Sometimes we start to feel we are now “experienced” and then we begin to turn off the headlights and shut God out of our journey in life. I’ve been there, so I ain’t judging nobody.

Of course, we might be experienced, but when you Continue reading

High Maintenance Relationship/Marriage

High-maintenanceGood day friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. I always look forward to connecting with you on this series, which I believe has been of great help to marriages/relationships. Thank you for taking out time to follow this series, sending in questions. God bless you all.

If today is your first time of joining this conversation, you are welcome. Today, we shall be discussing the topic; HIGH MAINTENANCE RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE. As usual, we won’t do this alone, do invite your friends to follow this handle and join in the conversation.

Just recently, I was driving my SUV and the “maintenance” light went on. Not knowing exactly what “maintenance” needed to be done, my Continue reading