A Quick ‘Don’t’ List (Striking a balance in life)

Don't... Avoiding all extremes

Don’t… Avoiding all extremes

Here is a quick list of the ‘DON’Ts’ most people find difficult to strike a balance with. Definitely not exhaustive, the list will grow with time. Feel free to add your ideas of things we should learn to strike a balance with in life as any of both extremes can be detrimental. Enjoy reading.

Don’t be too logical to disbelieve the supernatural, neither be too super naturally inclined and relegate logic/common sense.

Don’t be too heavenly conscious and become earthly useless, neither be so earthly useful and become heavenly unconscious.

Don’t be too proud and ignore people of low estate, neither be too humble and lose your self esteem/identity.

Don’t be so spiritual and forget you are a physical being too, neither be so physical and forget you are also a spiritual being.

Don’t focus too much on doing big things that you forget to do the little things that actually add up to become big.

Don’t be extremely hedonistic, sometimes you need to set pleasure aside, be disciplined and sacrifice, neither be extremely pious that you forget to enjoy life and have fun while you still live

Don’t be too scared of death that you forget to live; neither be too consumed living life that you forget death is inevitable.

Don’t let the love of money consume you so much that you have no time for family; neither spend all your time with family that you forget to make money. You have bills to pay.

In short avoid all extremes, strive to strike a balance and you will be amazed how easy life can be sometimes.

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