Learning from the U.S. Army (The 7 Core Values)

The 7 Core Values

The 7 Core Values

If everyone had the core values of LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, HONOUR, INTEGRITY & PERSONAL COURAGE. Won’t we be better off?

Those are CORE VALUES of the U.S Army. If every citizen, organization, society adopts those, in addition to other values, what do you think will happen?

Tremendous successes & outstanding achievements will be recorded. Willpower binds these values together. What is willpower then?

Willpower is determination & commitment to do a task despite the seeming difficulty &challenges involved. Isn’t that what most of us lack?

You need Willpower to save consistently, to build a great relationship/marriage, to run a business, to raise a family, to train your kids. You need it, to study, to pass an exam well, to build a nation. Everything worth doing requires willpower – (determination & commitment)

Commitment itself isn’t giving your best as most people think. It is actually giving it what it takes, all that is required for success

So if you are committed to having a great family for example, Continue reading


Serendipity of Love: Finding love in a weird circumstance.

Transfixed for about five seconds, mesmerized, I could hear my heart thump as I planned my escape. Without a second thought, mustering all the strength in me, I pushed the table with so much force, knocking down the stranger standing on the other side. The drinks, cup and bottles on the table all hitting the ground with a shattering sound.

He was about 5.6ft tall, with a moustache and a piercing gaze, obviously bold. I didn’t have enough time to scan him through, but he looked like a cowboy – brown or black hat, red bandana round his neck, a shirt with a brown vest on top. He had a blue or black jean on, I can’t recall vividly, his look wasn’t so scary, but his voice when he said “I’ve been looking for you” sent electrifying signals down my spine. Continue reading

Silly Me! One moment of outburst and I sold her out

Keep it secret

Keep it secret

“So what did you tell the priest?” I asked her.

“I told him everything” She replied.

“Everything?” I asked, to verify if she actually meant everything.

“Yes, everything” she said again. “I had struggled so much and I wasn’t ready to live with the guilt anymore.”

She had been cuddled up in my arms on this particularly cold night in my bed. For the better part of the conversation, she had faced the wall, turning her back to me and I could literally sense the pain, the hurt and the disappointment in her voice.

“So what happened after the confession?” I asked in a gentle, non-judgmental voice.

“Nothing… as usual” she replied. “…you know, when you go for confession like that, the priest just hears you out, and you go home relieved. I don’t think anything disciplinary is ever done.”

I gave a deep sigh, held her closer in my arms and gave her a soft kiss on her nape, to reassure her she was completely safe and I wouldn’t hold her past against her.

“I just can’t hide anything from you anymore” she continued, tears obviously flowing from her eyes. “That’s why I’ve been trying to sell that my other phone. He gave it to me and I don’t want to keep anything that reminds me of him anymore. I’m sorry dear, I’m so sorr…” before she could finish the words, she burst into tears again and I drew her closer.

In the darkness that engulfed the room, I began to wonder why I had pushed her this far. I had gradually, carefully and affectionately led her through the Continue reading