Serendipity of Love: Finding love in a weird circumstance.

Transfixed for about five seconds, mesmerized, I could hear my heart thump as I planned my escape. Without a second thought, mustering all the strength in me, I pushed the table with so much force, knocking down the stranger standing on the other side. The drinks, cup and bottles on the table all hitting the ground with a shattering sound.

He was about 5.6ft tall, with a moustache and a piercing gaze, obviously bold. I didn’t have enough time to scan him through, but he looked like a cowboy – brown or black hat, red bandana round his neck, a shirt with a brown vest on top. He had a blue or black jean on, I can’t recall vividly, his look wasn’t so scary, but his voice when he said “I’ve been looking for you” sent electrifying signals down my spine.As I laid on the hospital bed, in pains staring at the electrocardiogram in front of me, I recalled what had happened at the café. Cowboy asked for my name and said “I’ve been looking for you” Completely dazed, I pushed the table, knocked him down as I raced for the exit. In my head I heard “RUN!”, “RUN!!” “RUN!!!” as I ran into an oncoming vehicle. What happened next I do not know, but here I am in pains on a hospital bed.

The door swung open and the nurse appeared, with another beautiful damsel holding a bouquet of flowers. Behind them was the stranger who claimed he had been looking for me, Mr. Cowboy. I was a little unsettled as I shifted my gaze from the pretty damsel to him. “I’m sorry” he said calmly, in a more friendly tone, or so I thought.

Fifteen minutes later, I narrated why I had reacted the way I did at the café. I was having a premonition, maybe déjà vu. About a week before, I had had a scary nightmare.

Someone, who fit into the description of a cowboy shot me in the chest, at close range, while I was telling him to calm down so I could explain something to him. I didn’t know he had a gun and I didn’t even know what I was trying to explain in the dream.

“Pop” “Pop” he fired as I screamed from dreamland back to life. I found myself drenched in sweat even though the fan in my room was working.

“That nightmare flashed the minute you said you had been looking for me Ash” I told Mr. Cowboy whose name is Ashley.

“…and I thought, oh! here comes the killer, boy you have to run now.” I added as we laughed over it.

His sister; Julia noticed my eyes close as I felt a sharp pain in my head. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Just a slight headache” I replied.

“It’s time to go then” she said “You really need some rest” as she bent over and planted a soft kiss on my forehead.

“That should do the magic” she added pulling her brother towards the door.
“So why did you say you’ve been looking for me?” I asked as they approached the door.

“She was with me at the café and she wanted to meet you” he said, pointing at his sister with the other hand.

“… and I said those words just to get your attention” he jested as the door shut behind them.


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