Learning from the U.S. Army (The 7 Core Values)

The 7 Core Values

The 7 Core Values

If everyone had the core values of LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, HONOUR, INTEGRITY & PERSONAL COURAGE. Won’t we be better off?

Those are CORE VALUES of the U.S Army. If every citizen, organization, society adopts those, in addition to other values, what do you think will happen?

Tremendous successes & outstanding achievements will be recorded. Willpower binds these values together. What is willpower then?

Willpower is determination & commitment to do a task despite the seeming difficulty &challenges involved. Isn’t that what most of us lack?

You need Willpower to save consistently, to build a great relationship/marriage, to run a business, to raise a family, to train your kids. You need it, to study, to pass an exam well, to build a nation. Everything worth doing requires willpower – (determination & commitment)

Commitment itself isn’t giving your best as most people think. It is actually giving it what it takes, all that is required for success

So if you are committed to having a great family for example,just giving your current best may not meet the requirements of having a great family. You need to give it what it requires, which may include reading family books, spending quality time together, outings, praying for members of your family etc. If that is what it requires, that is what you must give and that is the real meaning of commitment – giving it what it takes, not just your best.

That exactly is what a good army is also known for. Using WILLPOWER to bind its #CORE VALUES of LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE etc together, giving every task what it takes it succeed.

Civilians can learn a lot from the army, as ruthless as they may seem to us sometimes. Take SELFLESS SERVICE for example. Too many of us think only about ourselves. One major reason #Africa, #Nigeria hasn’t made much progress over the years.

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t thinking about himself alone while he was working on Facebook, neither was Steve Jobs. Bill Gates wasn’t thinking about himself alone when he began working on the Windows operating system neither was Linus Torvalds. Mandela wasn’t thinking about himself alone when he was against apartheid. Willpower got them going despite the difficulties & challenges.

Every time you think about YOURSELF ALONE, become self-centred, you become myopic, cutting short your potential to reach more people. If you can reach more people with your ideas, your product, your business, your impact zone becomes wider

Rather than go after money as the sole motive, go after impact to a wider audience then turn it into a profitable business if you so wish. You can’t be thinking about yourself alone to achieve that. SELF CENTREDNESS locks you in your small world where you think you are king.

If you really want to make impact, take the 7 CORE VALUES at least, add yours & run along with them.

In addition, develop WILLPOWER in a specific direction-Finance, Relationship/Marriage, Business, Family, anything & see yourself succeed


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