Choosing never to love bcos one guy or lady disappointed you is like choosing never to ride in a car because you once rode in one that broke down.
Marriage is like saying “I know u, I know your strengths, I know ur weaknesses, but I still prefer to sign up for your troubles”


Now that Nigeria is Ebola-free: 5 hidden facts that were revealed

Now that we have succeeded to some extent in the containment of Ebola in Nigeria, what key lessons and latent facts were revealed? Here are (5) five lessons/facts revealed by the successful containment of the Virus in Nigeria recently, as we continue working to prevent another introduction of the virus :

Whenever we are really serious about something, we’ll achieve results – We are not an entirely unstructured nation, though our institutions may be weak, having the right people in positions of public affairs is very key in times of crises and national emergencies. Whenever we are determined to work together, we always achieve results, even faster. The level of seriousness and speed with which the Lagos State government swung into action is commendable and the Federal government too wasted no time. If we are serious about issues, about results, about change, we will always achieve results.

Once more in our lifetime as a nation, we didn’t focus on sentiments – Our non-tribalistic, non religious and non-partisan approach to the ebola scourge saved us from a potential epidemic. The Governor of Lagos State, the Minister of Health, other health workers, TV and Radio personalities etc didn’t add tribal sentiments to the fight. Some myopic politicians wanted to attribute our collective success to their political party anyway, but we knew better.

Despite our tribal and religious differences, we always unite against a common external enemy – Unity is key to collective success. We all didn’t become Muslims or Christians, neither did we all turn Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, yet  we successfully contained Ebola and will eventually win the battle. If we want the change we have always yearned for, we must unite in purpose despite our tribal and religious differences. Our unity against Boko Haram has been profound too. If we had not united to unequivocally speak against it, without tribal or religious bias, we would have provided a Continue reading

Relationship/Marriage – Between Ignorance & Willpower… (What really destroys?)

What destroys relationships/marriages? Ignorance? Lack of love/understanding? Irreconcilable differences? Incompatibility? What exactly?

So many factors affect relationship/ marriages, however, what really destroys most relationships/marriages isn’t much of ignorance on the part of those involved, or differences, but a lack of WILLPOWER.

Most people know what is right, what is pleasant and what is acceptable. Most people know what can make their relationship/marriage work and blossom. However, what is usually missing is a combination of determination and self-discipline that enables somebody to do something, despite the difficulties involved. That’s what we call WILLPOWER.

When we are ‘in love’ the body produces hormones that provide us that willpower by default. We therefore are tuned to doing so many things for, and with, our partner, despite the difficulties involved. When the hormone supply dwindles and possibly runs out, even though we know these things, it apparently becomes gradually difficult to Continue reading

Why should God bless Nigeria?

Flag-map-of-Nigeria“God bless Nigeria” oh yes, he has. The common phrase we use to excuse our individual need for attitudinal change, our misplaced priorities as a nation, the real cost of our selfish tendencies, our resistance to change, misplaced values, lethargy to national progress, and the outcome of our collective failure.

Has God not indeed blessed Nigeria? It rains but there is flooding and the streets are messy because we (not God) haven’t made water channels and proper drainage. It suns but we (not God) are yet to tap into solar energy opportunities. If you absent mindedly throw a seed of fruit on the ground, to your surprise, in Nigeria it germinates.

We have water resources in abundance, yet people lack clean drinking water. We have the best brains the world over, no kidding. We have diverse cultures that are beautiful and fascinating, yet we exert the most of our energy on our differences, hating, fighting and Continue reading