Why the Nigerian masses must unite now!

nigeria unityAbout 47 innocent kids recently bombed in their school by a suicide bomber, families wishing their kids didn’t go to school on that day, students and teachers traumatized, experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, having flashes of the event, dead bodies being carried off, blood splattered everywhere, dismembered body parts, the cries of trauma and helplessness and the next day Mr. President shuts down Abuja to declare for 2015. Mr. President is really doing his best obviously and this is so far his best.

If you are really tired of the suffering, pain and seeming hopelessness of living in Nigeria, the single, most important thing we need to do as masses home and abroad, before any other thing is to UNITE.

One sure way to oust thieving politicians, to fight oppression, corruption and impunity is to unite against them. This is because when people are united, nothing is impossible. Look at nations that have had profound change when they needed it most and ask if any one of them achieved it without the majority of masses being united in purpose.

Nigerians, unfortunately, have been divided along ethnic and religious lines almost from independence and it is one of the greatest factors that has extended the suffering of the common man, apparently leaving us in perpetual hopelessness.

While the same masses are busy fighting one another, with our myopic, tribalistic, religious and other stupid sentiments, the politicians are having a bounty. Does it not baffle you how a politician who has said so many unprintable words against another politician or political party, turns around, decamps and is welcome like an illustrious son? It is because in reality, these people aren’t enemies, they have the same focus, they are united in purpose, they have the same set of goals and that is why they have succeeded this far. “In politics there are no permanent friends or enemies only permanent interests”. I’m sure you have heard that clichĂ© before and the whole gimmick of politics revolves around it.

You and I are the fools. We keep permanent enemies, Igbos against Yorubas, Yorubas against Hausas, Hausas against Yorubas, Muslims against Christians, no matter how well that individual has acted towards you. In life we have extremes of Good & Bad and we all are somewhere between these two extremes. That’s why we have good Christians and bad Christians, good Muslims and bad Muslims, good Igbos and bad Igbos, good Yorubas and bad Yorubas, good Hausas and bad Hausas blah blah blah.

Subconsciously, we discriminate others and somehow exacerbate our plight, because unity becomes very difficult where discrimination thrives. So these politicians aren’t solely the cause of our sufferings, we are responsible to a large extent. We have refused to unite so we can have profound collective impact in our polity.

If we really want to end our suffering, the first thing to do is to consciously purge our reasoning and rid ourselves individually, from tribal and religious sentiments. Every time you come in contact with a Nigerian from another tribe or religion, simply regard him as a brother in the same struggle, someone you may need sometime soon to join you in putting the government on its feet.

Unity of purpose doesn’t mean we will all think or act the same way, NO, it means whatever we do, will be to advance our collective goal, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem at the moment. What is this collective goal? To end the suffering of fellow Nigerians by those in power. Remember that a polarized nation is a weak nation.


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