HELP!!! Please let’s save ‘Seyanu from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia together.

Oluwaseyanu (‘Seyanu) Basorun is an Applied Geology undergraduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure. He hopes he will graduate in the future to become a successful geologist, applying his knowledge to make his country better. Unfortunately, that dream is now threatened, as ‘Seyanu lies critically ill at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (Cancer of the blood). He urgently needs to be flown to a cancer specialist hospital in India for treatment.

‘Seyanu urgently needs bone marrow transplant if he is to survive. India is recommended as the place to go. Only N11m is needed to do this and give ‘Seyanu the fighting chance he desires and deserves.

Click here to see a video of Seyanu on the hospital bed gradually emaciating into a skeleton of his old self. One could see through his pain and sunken eyes the resolute determination of a young man willing to live, and putting up a fight for it

They hail from Lagos State, father an engineer/farmer and his mother a teacher. They have two children, ‘Seyanu and his elder sister. The sad turn to their lives began in February this year when ‘Seyanu was diagnosed with the ailment. He has been at OAU Teaching Hospital where, at the moment, he is in a critical state undergoing chemotherapy.

Going by the meaning of his name (Oluwaseyanu – God has done wonders) ‘Seyanu is awaiting another of God’s wonder in his life and kindhearted Nigerians like you and me, are to be his instrument.

For those so inclined, here is the detail for your kind donation:

Account Name: Oluwaseyanu Bashorun; Account No: 0055612503; Bank: Diamond Bank Plc.

So far, about N2m has been raised. Let’s please, save the life of this promising young man.
For more details please call 08132047374

You can read more here:

Alternately, you can #Saveseyanu by texting “Clinic” to 32285 & help raise part of the N11m to #SaveSeyanu from Leukemia. Pls text as many times as you can. SMS costs 30naira only.
We just need 100,000 ppl to give N90 each to get 9M since about 2M is already raised. Pls get texting and spread the word! Let us #saveseyanu together. God bless you. MTN subscribers only.

“You have never really lived

Until you have done something

For someone who can never repay you” – Anonymous

***UPDATE!!!***. Unconfirmed reports reaching me holds that about 7million Naira has been raised, so we just have 4million Naira to go. Please let’s #SaveSeyanu. Thanks.

***UPDATE!!!*** Confirmed reports reaching me as at 9th Dec, 2014, says 8million Naira has been raised so far. 3million Naira to go. Thanks for being a part of this philanthropic move.

***UPDATE!!!*** Reports reaching me today 28th Jan, 2015 confirmed that we lost Seyanu. May his sould rest in peace.


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