What if no risk was involved will you even make an attempt?

Recently, my friend who has a little baby girl picked her up, threw her up in the air and caught her mid air as she descended. This fun activity was repeated for some time and to my surprise, she began to cry. Having known her to laugh when lifted and thrown in the air every time, I was bemused. She would even ask that you don’t stop, so I wondered what was wrong this time.

Since then, I noticed that whenever she was thrown in the air and caught halfway, she cried every time. This was watched for the period of days I was with them and she cried every single time rather than laugh the way she used to. I began to wonder why?

At last I found a probable answer. She had become conscious of the possibility of falling. She was now aware there was some risk involved in being tossed up and that inner fear was the reason she cried every time, I concluded.

Sometimes, we are like that. Due to the consciousness of inherent dangers or potential risks, we begin to totally avoid getting involved. We completely run away from trying. We begin to prefer to be completely safe, while life itself is associated with various degrees of risk.

As we grow, we begin to be careful of people, to be weary of events, to un-learn the things that actually make life less stressful, the adventures, the fun, the uncertainty and we worry so much about the unknown.

We begin to avoid risky endeavours. While no endeavour is completely risk-less, the amount of risk associated with every attempt varies. Being too focused on associated risk can stop us from even attempting the simplest of tasks.

While it is completely normal to be risk averse, being extreme about it can stop us from doing even what is actually achievable.

Don’t let the fear of falling stop you from flying, don’t let the fear or not succeeding stop you from attempting and don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from trying. Remember all risks can be managed and there is no risk-less endeavour. What if no risk was involved, will you even make an attempt?


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