My Candid letter to Goodluck Jonathan and #Forward Nigeria Group

After wasting the people’s mandate for 6yrs, some random persons are now calling my line to support GEJ’s re-election bid. I told them the sincere truth.

If you have been there for 6yrs, why do you need to call me now for support? You could have given me reasons to do so rather than call to solicit.

Why would General Muhammadu Buhari even be an option in the first place? You gave people reasons to consider him. It’s your fault. You never take responsibility, he does.

You need to focus on issues Mr. President. Forget the train, fertilizers, doctored national statistics & smear campaign against GMB. It hasn’t worked so far and may never work. Focus on your achievements, enlighten the people, accept your failures and promise what is realistic

Nigerians know it’s not easy, they aren’t expecting magic from you, but you need to stand as a leader who really knows where we are going. So far, it appears you really don’t know. It appears Doyin Okupe knows better and Femi Fani Kayode has a carte blanche. you need to step out and LEAD.

It may be a little late now though, but if Boko Haram is expected to bequashed in 6 weeks, then May 29th is a long time to do so much for Nigeria. If you don’t get voted back in & all plans to rig fail, can you say indeed you did your best for Nigeria with all sincerity in these sectors – education, security, economy, transportation, tourism, power, agriculture?

Nigerians are suffering, you just need to step out on the street, away from the comfort of Aso Rock and your regular entourage to see. It suddenly looks like the opposition has jolted you out of your sleep. You have done so much in six weeks.

I hope those ‘Forward Nigeria’ people calling Nigerians to support you in the coming elections will sit you down & tell you the candid truth for once. I really hope so…

…If they don’t, with all due respect Mr. President, you don’t DESERVE to be returned to power. I’m sorry, but it’s the plain truth. Nigerians are willing to even try out someone who has just 1% tendency to fight corruption than you, a laissez-faire leader. Ask the common man on the street.

If you are voted in this time, I assure you, it is by a narrow escape. Do away with the likes of Asari, Okupe, FFK, Fayose etc. you know them.

Come to think of it, how is that even possible? These are the people who have stood by you and they must be compensated. Right? Well, may God give you wisdom, clear insight and a spirit of discernment. You really need these to lead Nigeria.

Gather the likes of Godswill Akpabio, who still appear to have a good image in d eyes of Nigerians and some basic sense of how government should really run to make life better for its people. I’m sure PDP still has some few right thinking folks waiting to be discovered.

My battery is almost out Mr. President, despite the increase in electricity tariff, power is still a big issue, so let me wrap this up quickly. To whom much is given, much is expected…

…Sincerely accept responsibility for your inadequacies & leave GMB out of your campaigns. Focus, Focus, Focus solely on your 6year achievements

You have focused too much energy on discrediting Buhari and trying to convince Nigerians not to vote for him. Millions have been paid to some media houses to tarnish his image, but it is nauseating to see EFCC, ICPC etc doing nothing for 6years under your watch, with all these facts you are showing Nigerians on air.

Nigerians are only being shown videos of allegations of what was stolen under your watch, wealth amassed illegally for the past 16years your party ruled. It is a sign of incompetence on your side too for not prosecuting such misdeeds and greed on the other side.

If you truly want to serve Nigerians & they don’t want you anymore, what is the most noble thing to do? What is your real motive? Think about it Mr. President. I wish you the very best if you win on March 28th. Remember all we do is for the good of our dear country – NIGERIA.


2 thoughts on “My Candid letter to Goodluck Jonathan and #Forward Nigeria Group

  1. Hmmm, thanks for your input Big B. We all hope that someday, God will raise someone who will really rule this country well. However, what if that someone is already with us and all he needs is our thumb prints at the polls? What if that someone is even you or me but we are just scared because we believe we stand no chance, the bigwigs will shut us out in no time? What if? Sometimes we wait for solution to come, not realizing the solution is right here with us. God bless Nigeria.


  2. I totally agree with everything you said,d level of embezzlement is kind of high in his regime,but if u ask me 2 vote I dnt tink I can bank my vote on any one of them,but I knw 1day GOD ll raise up some1 who ll really rule dis country well,like d days of d old.


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