Meeting relationship expectations (#adamandeve series on Twitter with Pastor Bolaji Idowu)

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

1. Hello people!! It’s #adamandeve time, insightful twitter series that makes marriage and relationship better.
2. Today we continue on making your spouse happy. Join the conversation by RT, commenting and asking questions.
3. Everyone enters a relationship with certain expectations and benefits in mind and when such are not met, the heart turns away
4. Unmet expectations in relationship/marriage cause one to look elsewhere.
5. Meeting the needs of your partner, makes them come back for more and you become a place of indulgence.
6. When you meet the needs of your partner, you keep them glued to you and the relationship/marriage.
7. Making your spouse happy helps to undervalue the sacrifice each other makes
8. A happy spouse will go through thick and thin to make the relationship work.
9. An unhappy partner will increasingly find it burdensome to sacrifice for the relationship and partner
10. One of the things that make an unhappy spouse is UNREALISTIC/UNDISCUSSED EXPECTATIONS.
11. For expectations to be met, they must be communicated and discussed in a caring environment.
12. When expectations are unrealistic, it will be difficult for anybody, not just your spouse to meet them
13. Another reason for unhappy spouse is IGNORANCE. Ignorance of how different your partner is and what makes them happy or sad.
14. For instanceone of the needs of a woman is open, honest and detailed communication.
15. Ladies don’t like headline talks, they want DETAILS. It makes them feel connected to you emotionally, your world & daily activity
16. Moreover, men prefer concise discussions. They don’t want to be emotionally involved in conversation hence they keep it short
17. Short, simple and short conversation can be highly frustrating for ladies.
18. She might even begin to conclude that you are hiding something from her or even cheating just because you are not talking.
19. The more knowledgeable one is about relationship, opposite sex, their partner the more likely the relationship will succeed
20. You can’t make your spouse happy without detailed knowledge of her person, history and character.
21. We have earlier episodes of making your spouse happy on this timeline, kindly read up if you missed it.
22. Giving gifts is one of the core ways love is expressed and this makes your spouse happy.
23. The truth is, you can’t love without giving. Love is sacrificial and giving in nature.
24. Giving gifts communicates “I really care about you and what makes you happy.” It means you are on my mind even when not around
25. It means I am willing you share all that I have with you without holding back.
26. I frown at a relationship or marriage where giving gifts is not a regular habit or culture
27. Gifts need not be expensive or elaborate it is the thought that counts
28. Gift giving should be on special days like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.
29. Giving gifts on “no special days” seem to have special impact as it is a gesture of kindness and love.
30. When giving gifts, the presentation is as important as the gift itself.
31. When giving gifts, make adequate research so that the gift can meet a certain need. It makes your spouse feel special.
32. I want to challenge you this week to give your spouse an unexpected gift, something you know they will love to have
33. Ladies, tweet at me what kind of gift you will want to get. Men also can tweet at me and i will retweet them
34. Just in case you don’t know what gift to give your spouse, stay glued to this timeline for ideas.
35. That will be all for tonight, thank you for joining me. Do remember to RT, comment and ask questions.

Extracted from Pastor Bolaji Idowu’s #adamandeve series on twitter and I think you should follow him (@pastorbolaji).

Info: #adamandeve series is live, every Thursday @ 5:30pm Nigerian time, on his TL (@pastorbolaji).
Check here every weekend for fresh #adamandeve series or subscribe to posts by following my blog. Feel free to drop your comments too. I am passionate about making you see how to better your relationship/marriage.

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