How to deal with a dominant partner (#adamandeve series on Twitter with Pastor Bolaji Idowu)

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

1. Good evening. Thank you for joining today’s Episode of #AdamAndEvePstBolaji. Do remember to invite a friend to follow the conversation
2. Today our discussion is focused on DEALING WITH A DOMINANT PARTNER.
3. For a successful relationship, partners must be free to air their views without the fear of consequences.
4. A relationship or marriage where partners are afraid to be themselves is never fulfilling.
5. A healthy relationship or marriage favours both partners, it is never one sided.
6. A dominant relationship is one where most component of the relationship is caused by one and favours one partner.
7. You are in a dominant relationship if only one person’s counts in making decisions
8. You are in a dominant relationship if one person is CONTINUALLY happy at the expense of the other
9. A dominant partner will never consider a win-win agreement as a way to go.
10. If in your relationship, you always want to have things done your way be careful, you might be dominant.
11. Some people are even dominant and they don’t know, it is almost a second nature
12. Dominant partner makes the other unfulfilled; they never give thorough consideration to their partner
13. Dominant partners excuse their own failures but not their partner’s
14. Leadership in a relationship should not be confused withdominance.
15. Dominance damages intimacy and bond of marriage
16. Marriage was created to be a partnership in which both spouses are honoured and esteemed not dominated.
17. One of the leading causes of dominance is detached parents
18. When a guy is not nurtured by his parents most times he becomes attracted to a dominant partner
19. People attracted to dominant partners are often unsecured and have low self esteem
20. Some major causes of dominance are but not restricted to, temperament, background and experience
21. A young boy who has a dominant father might grow up to be dominant too.
22. First born girls in most cases are dominant because from a young age they have been responsible for people
23. One way of dealing with dominant partner is patience because they look tough outside but have soft inner core
24. And how to reach them is by going beyond the hardness and reaching deep into their soft inner core
25. Helping dominant partners is by making them see that they are dominant, identifying the cause and resolving it.
26. Make a commitment that in any area where you have been dominant, you will submit to your spouse.
27. Also include and honour him or her in every issue of your home and marriage.
28. If you are the dominated spouse, you need to lovingly stand up and refuse to be dominated.
29. This should not be done by threat or in anger. Subtly let your partner know you will love to be treated better
30. Don’t be intimidated by the response or believe that being silent will serve any positive function.
31. That will be all for tonight, Thank you for joining in. Please remember to RT, comment as ask questions.


Extracted from Pastor Bolaji Idowu’s #adamandeve series on twitter and I think you should follow him (@pastorbolaji).

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