Nigeria on the march… What time is it now?

The success of Nigeria’s 2015 elections, especially the presidential election that held on March 28 brought a lot of joy to Nigerians and the world at large. Aside the level of peace experienced in Nigeria against all odds and global expectations, the ousting of an administration most citizens hadn’t been happy with, run by President Jonathan of the PDP by Mohammadu Buhari of the APC excited a lot of Nigerians, home and abroad.

The success of the hand over ceremony to the new government on May 29th commendably, brought with it, a lot of inspiration & willpower to unite and work towards a better nation. This newly found will to unite however, may be deceptive and eventually bring disappointment if Nigerians are deluded into thinking we can now rest, everything will automatically fall in place soon.

The expectations are truly high, the time is short but this can’t be an excuse for non-performance or under-performance by the new government or subsequent administrations for that matter.

Considering the nation had been drifting along a path not so right for more than three decades, it will be dangerous to take the recent successes as ends in themselves rather than means to an end. Continue reading


Saving a Sinking Relationship/Marriage III

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The DESIRE to save a relationship/marriage is the starting point in saving the relationship or marriage. Once the desire to fix the relationship/marriage is gone, all other efforts both internal and external will be futile. The key question to ask is: “Do I still want it?” The more challenging a relationship is, the weaker the desire to make it work.

Initially, everyone would go through thick & thin to save their relationship/marriage, but as time goes on, that desire weakens. To regain that desire, you need to be confident of a better future in your relationship or marriage. You must be willing to let go of the past and its pain believing for a better future.

Emotional divorce takes place when emotions and desires have been disconnected from our partner. Emotional divorce is a result of prolonged turning away of your heart from your partner. When you are emotionally divorced from your partner, you’re there physically but emotionally departed Continue reading


Pastor Bolaji Idowu

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No relationship will work until you work on yourself, and on the relationship. Instead of an individual to work on themselves, they focus on fixing their partner. ERROR! Getting better is within your control and when you become better, your marriage/relationship gets better.

One cause of sinking relationship is; POOR communication. Conflicts linger in marriage/relationship where there is poor communication. Issues are amplified in marriages/relationships where communication is poor or non-existent. Poor communication does not allow you see Continue reading


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Our discussion today is focused on SAVING A SINKING RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE. It is going to be a great one. As we discuss about saving relationship/marriages, please note that not all are redeemable, sometimes a breakup would do better good than saving a sinking relationship or marriage. It is erroneous to think great relationships/marriages don’t have issues. I believe in giving relationships the very best and extra chances in order to make it work.

The truth is this, the same issues that breakup one relationship/marriage are the same issues that make other relationships/marriages stronger. If you are quick to quit a relationship/marriage, you will never really make a success of any relationship. The strength of every relationship/ marriage is tested during tough times.

No partner is perfect, expecting a perfect relationship is totally unrealistic. The more you neglect or avoid resolving conflicts the harder and unfulfilling the marriage/relationship becomes. I believe in giving relationships the very best shot and extra chances in order to make them work. Continue reading

Dating like a PRO [Continued]

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Marriage has to be nurtured and developed constantly to remain strong; it should be a continual dating process. Stress is a key cause of troublesome relationship or marriage, especially when it is Continue reading