Good evening friends, thank you for joining me again on today’s episode of #adamandeve. It is always a pleasure sharing with you. Today’s episode of #adamandeve is going to be helpful, do invite your friends to follow this handle for a great time

Our discussion today is focused on SAVING A SINKING RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE. It is going to be a great one. As we discuss about saving relationship/marriages, please note that not all are redeemable, sometimes a breakup would do better good than saving a sinking relationship or marriage. It is erroneous to think great relationships/marriages don’t have issues. I believe in giving relationships the very best and extra chances in order to make it work.

The truth is this, the same issues that breakup one relationship/marriage are the same issues that make other relationships/marriages stronger. If you are quick to quit a relationship/marriage, you will never really make a success of any relationship. The strength of every relationship/ marriage is tested during tough times.

No partner is perfect, expecting a perfect relationship is totally unrealistic. The more you neglect or avoid resolving conflicts the harder and unfulfilling the marriage/relationship becomes. I believe in giving relationships the very best shot and extra chances in order to make them work.It is amazing to know each partner blames the other for the woes of their relationship/marriage. Sinking marriage/relationship where physical abuse is involved is so hard if not impossible to resolve, I don’t encourage relationships/marriages that threaten life, health and general wellbeing of the person.

A relationship/marriage built on deceit, is also difficult to resolve. In an attempt to impress a potential partner, please don’t present who you are not. What could be heartbreaking than to find out your lover actually deceived you into a relationship/marriage? The feeling of being deceived makes it hard for you to trust your partner; deceit in a relationship/marriage is like daylight robbery. Dear deceitful partner, just know you can’t be an actor all your life, you would get tired.

There are ways to save/remedy a sinking relationship/marriage if you are willing to work at it, however, a great challenge in saving a sinking relationship/marriage, is the willingness of both parties to change or work at it. Until both parties realize the need to work on their relationship/marriage, any external help will be futile. It is never too late to work on your relationship/marriage, ignoring it only makes things worse.

Lack of intimacy is a sign of deteriorating relationship/marriage. One of the first things that “flies” out of a sinking relationship/marriage is, the enjoyable friendship shared. When intimacy is affected, enjoyable conversations often become missing in the relationship/marriage.

If you are going to work on a sinking relationship/marriage, you must REFUSE to turn your heart away. When a relationship/marriage is challenged, men have the tendency to turn their heart to work or other women, and women often turn their hearts and affection solely to their children. Turning your heart away detaches your emotional connection from your partner and the relationship/marriage.

When your heart is turned away, you become grossly insensitive to your partner. When your heart is turned away from your relationship/marriage, you lose motivation to resolve outstanding conflicts. When your heart is turned away, be careful because you become vulnerable.

As I conclude today, kindly ask your partner why your relationship is deteriorating. I will continue next week with what you can do to save a sinking relationship/marriage. That will be all for tonight, thank you for joining in. Do remember to RT, comment and ask questions. Good evening.

Extracted from Pastor Bolaji Idowu’s #adamandeve series on twitter and I think you should follow him (@pastorbolaji).

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