Nigeria on the march… What time is it now?

The success of Nigeria’s 2015 elections, especially the presidential election that held on March 28 brought a lot of joy to Nigerians and the world at large. Aside the level of peace experienced in Nigeria against all odds and global expectations, the ousting of an administration most citizens hadn’t been happy with, run by President Jonathan of the PDP by Mohammadu Buhari of the APC excited a lot of Nigerians, home and abroad.

The success of the hand over ceremony to the new government on May 29th commendably, brought with it, a lot of inspiration & willpower to unite and work towards a better nation. This newly found will to unite however, may be deceptive and eventually bring disappointment if Nigerians are deluded into thinking we can now rest, everything will automatically fall in place soon.

The expectations are truly high, the time is short but this can’t be an excuse for non-performance or under-performance by the new government or subsequent administrations for that matter.

Considering the nation had been drifting along a path not so right for more than three decades, it will be dangerous to take the recent successes as ends in themselves rather than means to an end.We must therefore realize that this is not the time to rest. It is not yet time to relax. It is rather time to stay vigilant, to watch government closely, to educate the ignoramus about how government impacts his everyday activity & why he must be involved, to get our hands dirty fixing our problems.

This is the time to tone down our tribal and religious bigotry, to seek virtue rather than comfort, to do right in our various places of work/businesses even without being watched, to make a commitment to be involved in the Nigerian project, to denounce wrong and support right, to arise from our sleep & slumber, to unite, to be involved and to vow never to return to the quagmire we were once in.

This is the time to never allow evil people numb our humanity again, pushing us to the point where we feel less human, lose all forms of empathy and create a society where pain, injustice and bloodshed are normal.

We are blessed, we are truly blessed, but we seem so cursed thinking about all the ills that have befallen our land. Millions are suffering in the midst of plenty, poverty ravaging our land in the midst of abundance. This is simply unacceptable.

The story of Babylon is one to draw an important lesson from, for Nigerians and Africa at large. Babylon was wealthy because every individual to a large extent could generate wealth. The cumulative of numerous wealthy individuals collectively amounted to the wealth of Babylon, not the wealth of a few.

The success of our land does not lie in the success of a few, possibly elitists or a cabal. True national success lies in the success of every individual entity, the cumulative of which amounts to our collective success as a nation.

It is time to get the right people into the right places and the time is NOW.


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