Things to consider before marriage happens

Good day friends welcome to another episode of #adamandeve. Today, we will continue our discussions from previous weeks. I do hope this discussion has been very helpful.

In continuation from last week, there are some factors that need to be considered before marriage happens. Is he or she accountable? This is being answerable to somebody else and this is needed for days when trouble wants to crop up.

The foundation of any relationship is trust, be it in a family bond, a work relationship, and especially in a marriage. The other person should be able to rely on, not just the truth of your words, but on dependability and consistency of your actions.

The basis of that trust is accountability. Can you trust each other’s words? Is there consistency of actions and attitude?

When couples are mutually accountable they allow for total access into each other’s lives.  They can trust each other. Accountability must be more than a noble declaration. It must become a lifestyle or else, it will not work.

Decision making: Does he seek your input before making decisions, especially one that affects both of you?

Couples who are mutually accountable to one another, consult with one another about important decisions continually. Decisions involving having children, finances and so on are major life determinations which certainly must be made jointly.

How accountable is with about finances? Financial issues are often reasons for marital conflict. This is because of non-accountability in this important area.  ‏

Spouses in strong marriages do not withhold information or keep secrets from one another & matters of money are no exception. Practices regarding spending, savings, investments and so forth must all be open for discussion and cooperatively agreed upon.

Relationships: Couples who are accountable to one another communicate openly about the nature of relationships with others. How open is he about his relationships? Does he define his relationships?

Another factor to consider is Teachability. How teachable is he? Teachable: Can teach, willing to change; flexible. This is important because in a relationship there’ll be need for compromise.

A teachable spirit will help you compromise. Teachable spirit is a heart ready to apply what is learnt, abandoning the old. In relationship, a teachable spirit is important for harmony & peaceful coexistence.

No one wants to marry someone who never sees anything wrong with what he or she does, who is heady and stubborn. To marry such a person is like mixing water and oil. A teachable spirit is an essential quality in life.

Everyone wants to marry someone who will listen to him or her when he or she speaks or has an advice to give. ‏So, the question is, are we willing to learn? Are we willing to change, to improve on ourselves?

Someone said the type of illiterates we would have are people who can’t unlearn what has been learned.  ‏

I can tell you this, if we embrace a teachable spirit, we can gain new perspective, new passion and better relationships.

That will be all for tonight, we continue next week.Do remember to RT, comment and ask questions

Extracted from Pastor Bolaji Idowu’s #adamandeve series on twitter (@pastorbolaji).

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That will be all for tonight, we continue next week. Do remember to RT, comment and ask questions.


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