RAPE: The act, the hurt, the healing

Hello friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Today we will be discussing “RAPE: The act, the hurt, the healing.”

Rape is defined as sexual intercourse that is forced on a person without his or her permission. It may involve physical force or the threat of force. It may also be done against someone who is unable to give consent.

Rape is a crime of power, domination, and control that uses sex. It is a life changing experience.

Statistics show that at least 3 ladies are raped every day in Lagos state. ‏

Rape is a creation of man’s evil imagination, and worst evil of humanity. Any attempt to justify rape should be seen as an attack on our collective humanity. The trauma rape victims go through cannot be quantified.   ‏

Rape victims lose their sense of self-esteem, even though they were the ones who were victimized. They feel a sense of shame.   ‏

In some cases, rape victims become suicidal or psychiatric cases. They often struggle sexually through life. They fear being alone, they fear Continue reading


Is your Android phone using too much data? Here’s the solution, using firewalls



Is your Android phone drilling a hole in your pocket with the way it uses up data? Is your Android device using up too much data? If you forget to turn off mobile data on your device overnight, does your heart pound or do you get angry at your “silly mistake” when you suddenly realize in the morning? If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, then I think I have a solution for you.

Lots of people have proffered this solution, however, to my amazement, few people know about it and most of those posts do not explicitly explain, step by step, in clear terms how a new or intermediate user can go about these steps.

So I’d try my best to be as detailed as possible.

There are two basic solutions…

SOLUTION ONE: You need to install a little widget  like a “Data switch” on your device. By simply tapping it, you can turn on or turn off you data. This actually simplifies the process of traditionally turning off your data, which usually is a long process. Saves you the hassle. Right?

Unfortunately, if you inadvertently leave the data on for too long, you still find your Android device voraciously guzzling your data. That’s not fair, is it? Android isn’t data friendly in that aspect. Sorry.

There is however a hassle free method which leaves you bothering less about whether your data connection is left on overnight or even the whole day and here it is.

Continue reading

Amplifying the beauty of life’s Variety as seen in nature

God is a God of variety and within each variety are granular levels of varieties.

That’s why he created some white Europeans, red Americans, yellow Asians and black Africans or if you choose, some Caucasoid, some Mongoloid and some Negroid. Each with further levels of classification that will get you worn out if you attempt to perfectly classify all sub-levels.

He made some relatively tall, some short and some just average.

He made some fat, some slim, some thin and some in local parlance are just slim-bulky

He created the oceans, the lakes, rivers, swamps, springs and fountains

He made the sun, the moon, and the Continue reading

Resolving Negative Parental Consent towards marriage

Good day and welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Today, we will be dealing with RESOLVING NEGATIVE PARENTAL CONSENT.

It’s common knowledge that in choice of who to marry, parental consent plays a key role.

Often, parental consent in marriage can be a manipulative tool in the hands of parents.

Parental consent is important since you don’t just marry your spouse, you marry into a family. Parental consent is also important as it helps to Continue reading

Dealing with a Lying partner II – The Approach

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In continuation of our discussion on “Dealing with a Lying partner,” I will focus briefly on how to approach the situation.

So you caught your spouse lying, you are really hurt and upset. What do you do? How do you confront the situation?
One suggestion I have is to approach the discussion as a “conversation” and not as a “confrontation.”

Yes, I know you want to go straight to them and make them aware that you know what’s happening and you know the truth. You must speak as a team trying to find a solution. Rather than as though you are opponents in battle.

When you do speak to your spouse, do not focus on Continue reading

It’s my life, advise me, but please let me be

It is annoying when you meet someone who is doing everything possible to control your life, to box you in, to make decisions for you and take away your freedom of choice.

They want you to do exactly as they have said, not minding whether it’s what you want or not.

In fact, they really don’t care how you feel about it, just do as you are told.

It’s more annoying when they are someone you have a lot of regard for. Someone you will not find it easy to say “No” to.

I have learned in my life, however, that Continue reading

Dealing with a lying Partner (Cont’d)

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Last week, we started a new discussion on “Dealing with a lying partner 1” and it generated tremendous response.

It seems everyone has been affected one way or the other by lies. Everyone agrees lying is a destructive habit that hurts you and everyone around you.

Dealing with a lying partner can be one of the greatest challenges in a Continue reading