It’s my life, advise me, but please let me be

It is annoying when you meet someone who is doing everything possible to control your life, to box you in, to make decisions for you and take away your freedom of choice.

They want you to do exactly as they have said, not minding whether it’s what you want or not.

In fact, they really don’t care how you feel about it, just do as you are told.

It’s more annoying when they are someone you have a lot of regard for. Someone you will not find it easy to say “No” to.

I have learned in my life, however, thatthe most difficult person to say “No” to is yourself, so why say “Yes” to someone else’s directive while saying “No” to yourself?

I want to do what I believe in, I want to pursue my own goals, I want to chart my own course in life, don’t deny me that.

It’s my life, not yours, let me live it the way I choose to.

I’ll make mistakes, yes, but I will learn. If I fall, which everybody does from time to time, I will rise. If I miss my way, I will find it, no matter how long. Just let me be.

You may advise me, it’s my choice to take your advice and act on it or not. Don’t advise me and take my freedom of choice away at the same time.

It’s my life, I’ll take responsibility for whatever goes wrong, not you.

So let me be, let me live my life the way I choose, let me make my mistakes and learn from them cos sometimes, what you are scared of is the exact thing upon which my success is may depend.

One more thing, please don’t stop giving me advice, but when it’s time to decide and act, respect my decision and let me be.


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