Amplifying the beauty of life’s Variety as seen in nature

God is a God of variety and within each variety are granular levels of varieties.

That’s why he created some white Europeans, red Americans, yellow Asians and black Africans or if you choose, some Caucasoid, some Mongoloid and some Negroid. Each with further levels of classification that will get you worn out if you attempt to perfectly classify all sub-levels.

He made some relatively tall, some short and some just average.

He made some fat, some slim, some thin and some in local parlance are just slim-bulky

He created the oceans, the lakes, rivers, swamps, springs and fountains

He made the sun, the moon, and thestars, meteors and asteroids.

How many colours are there? We have black with different shades we can’t even name. Hold a black phone against your skin and see if your skin is really black, O’ black man or hold a white shirt against your skin and see if you’re really a white man.

What we call white, black, brown, etc are subjective and relative, not absolute with different shades within. This God of variety, even with all we yet know is billions of light years ahead.

How many animals are on planet earth? Don’t even bother talking about the extinct ones.

How do we classify them? The God of variety planted species here and there. We are yet to discover them all, we are yet to categorize them all and we are yet to understand them all. Oh what a God of variety

How many planets are there in our solar system? We don’t know yet but we keep discovering, naming, renaming and dropping those we mistakenly term as planets but are not, like pluto. Why? Our knowledge is, has always been and will always be limited.

Now this same God of variety made some Yorubas, some Igbos, some Hausas, some Ibibios, Igalas, Itsekiri, Ogoni, Akan, Ijaw, Urhobo, Kanuri, Ogu, Isoko, Igbira, Tiv, Efik, Nupe, Ewe, Birom, Igbirra, Ishan, Iyala, Katab and so many others.

Now why do hate them for not being your tribe? You expect everyone to come from your side of the classification. Right? Now think about it, wouldn’t life be boring with only your own set dominating it every single time.

Everywhere you go, you meet ONLY people who are… (Insert your tribe here)… and all the significant contributions by other tribes as we have today will not be available cos they wouldn’t exist. Now I think life would be boring, don’t you agree?

Who would watch football if only Brazilains played and won the game every single time since the beginning of international football? In fact there wouldn’t be international football and if there was, it would be boring.

If we had only one tribe dominating our planet, the whole world would face one direction – the tribe’s direction. That would be disastrous for our dear earth I believe.

So let’s amplify the beauty of our diversity and appreciate the richness of variety. I respect your tribe, country and race so respect mine cos even God Almighty is a God of variety and nature reflects just that.


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