RAPE: The act, the hurt, the healing

Hello friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Today we will be discussing “RAPE: The act, the hurt, the healing.”

Rape is defined as sexual intercourse that is forced on a person without his or her permission. It may involve physical force or the threat of force. It may also be done against someone who is unable to give consent.

Rape is a crime of power, domination, and control that uses sex. It is a life changing experience.

Statistics show that at least 3 ladies are raped every day in Lagos state. ‏

Rape is a creation of man’s evil imagination, and worst evil of humanity. Any attempt to justify rape should be seen as an attack on our collective humanity. The trauma rape victims go through cannot be quantified.   ‏

Rape victims lose their sense of self-esteem, even though they were the ones who were victimized. They feel a sense of shame.   ‏

In some cases, rape victims become suicidal or psychiatric cases. They often struggle sexually through life. They fear being alone, they fear dating or intimacy.  ‏

Their sexual struggle often starts with events and places that trigger a flashback to the rape. The memory of rape hurts than the act itself.  ‏

Unwanted pregnancy and STDs are the world’s leading outcome of rape.

Rape victims go through life like their most important possession was taken from them. Terror, shock, unbearable pain, overwhelming helplessness, and vulnerability are just some of the feelings they experience. These are powerful feelings that don’t just go away. Instead they affect every area of life.

In most cultures, rape victims are viewed as outcast and symbol of bad luck. It is unfortunate that instead of supporting rape victims, our culture castigates them.

Most rape victims stay silent for fear of castigation. Imagine a demon living in your head. This silence often leads to depression. The sadness could be overwhelming.

We should not keep quiet; we should stand up and speak against rape.

#Itisnotokay that people are dying in silence due to rape and no one is speaking up for them.  ‏

#Itisnotokay that rape victims are looked down at and sometimes blamed for the incident.

#Itisnotokay that our women, cannot walk freely without looking over their shoulder, out of fear of being raped. ‏

I challenge everyone to join #Itsnotokay campaign, as sign of support to end this menace and make our world safer.

Thank you for joining me tonight, Have a great evening. #adamandeve

Extracted from Pastor Bolaji Idowu’s #adamandeve series on twitter and I think you should follow him (@pastorbolaji).

Info: #adamandeve series is live, every Thursday @ 5:30pm Nigerian time, on his TL (@pastorbolaji).
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