Let them have #Biafra or at least have a referendum.

Honestly, after much silence on this particular issue, I think with the spate of agitations, wisdom demands that we formally sit with the #Biafrans, listen to their grievances and either reach a compromise or grant them their wishes to go.They have a right to self determination and freedom, a right to chart their own course and a right to be independent, without this tension that is building up and gaining momentum by the day.The agitations will never stop, in my opinion and I honestly hope it will not lead to bloodshed, 5, 10 or 15 generations down the line, if not now.

Generations that won’t know where the whole story started from, who will be told the 1967-1970 civil war was purely genocide and a hatred for their tribe, generations that will scream marginalization and draw up the tribal card every time a national decision doesn’t come their way, generations that know nothing about the Aburi accord. We can go on and on.

If you want to stop the agitation, you need force, but using force alone, as keen world-politics followers know, doesn’t solve the problem.

Force will lead to a lot of human rights abuses and it will of course be termed ‘genocide’ again, further worsening an already bad situation.

Dialogue is therefore key. We know whatever dialogue we decide to have, will only bring the agitation of secession by #Biafrans to the forefront, yet it is the best option available right now.

Lets have this long overdue #Biafran referendum, for the sake of peace, but more importantly for the sake of future generations. If you could view a chart showing the number and rate of support for Biafra a decade ago, compared with what we have today, do you honestly think the results will point t
o increasing or decreasing support?

Social media is getting rife with agitations for #Biafra, the President and fellow Nigerian are being called unprintable names while Nigeria itself is being verbally bastardized and referred to as a zoo. Fast Forward, ten years from now, without a definite conclusion to this issue. Goose pimples?

A new Nigeria is about to emerge, I feel strongly about that, but if these people say they can’t wait and don’t want to be part of it, (though I strongly wish they jettison the idea), let them be. My wish or your wish on this matter won’t resolve the agitation for secession. It is beyond ordinary wishes.

Let’s not continue to ignore this cry or pretend all is well. For what it’s worth, at the least, let’s sit, put heads together and resolve this issue once and for all, for the sake of this generation and generations yet unborn. Isn’t that what a referendum is?


3 thoughts on “Let them have #Biafra or at least have a referendum.

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