How to attract ‘boo’

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Good day friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. If today is your first time joining in, I’m so glad to connect with you.

If you have missed previous episodes, here is a quick recap of what we have been discussing.

Everyone enters into a relationship/marriage with certain expectations. Trouble starts in a relationship/ marriage, where basic needs are not met. Failure of key expectations being met, can lead to the collapse of such relationship /marriage.

A true lover feels happy when their partner is happy.

Today we shall be focusing on “HOW TO ATTRACT BOO”. Do remember to invite your friends to follow the conversation.

50% of relationships/marriage problems can be solved by choosing the right spouse. The same way a bad tree can’t produce good fruits, choosing bad spouse can’t make a good relationship/marriage.

When poor decisions are made concerning the choice of a spouse, all that is left is how to manage that bad choice. The better the choice of a partner, the more likely a successful and happy relationship.

Poor choice of a spouse, hardly leads to a great relationship/marriage. People choose a wrong partner because they don’t know what they want.

Some others make a bad choice of a partner because they don’t know what to look out for.

The first principle of attraction states “You attract who you are”. You don’t attract what you want or desire, you attract who you are.

The quality of your choice of spouse reflects your level of wisdom. The wiser you are, the better you choose.

Making a better choice of relationship & marriage is not fluke or luck. It is a function of how well you are informed. Please don’t make relationship/marriage decision when you are in a dysfunctional state or phase of life.

Desperation is a huge turn for potential mates. Inability to hold intelligent conversations, makes a lady look unattractive. Bragging and deceit are huge minus in attracting a potential mate.

Kindness and generosity makes even an ugly person attractive.

Small minded people focus on appearance (packaging), wise people focus on Content.

While money is very important in a relationship/marriage, it cannot buy love. While money makes love easy, money by itself cannot make another person happy.

The pressure to marry/impress is another factor why people choose and marry wrongly.

I’ll rather be single, than stay in a non-existent relationship/marriage.

In the hope of ALWAYS finding someone better, most people lose a potential spouse. Sometimes we need to realize, that the better person is buried inside the current mate, it only needs cultivation.

Some people are single because, they refuse to date an emerging person. They are looking for a finished product. The beauty of marriage is that we built it together.

If a man is not willing to commit after a long time, maybe it’s time to take a walk. Giving a man the benefits of marriage without marriage will only help him not to marry you.

Single ladies; beware of cunny guys with sweet mouth. All some guys want is sex and not a serious relationship.

Single guys, beware of ladies who want to share your money and not love.

If you had a terrible relationship experience, just learn from it and move on. Sometimes the best lessons of our lives come from our pain.

A negative mindset will always attract the wrong partner into your life. If you keep attracting the wrong person, it’s time to check yourself.

In conclusion, if your sister cannot recommend you to date her friend you might be a bad person.

Caring, generosity and kindness are qualities, that can enhance your attractiveness

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