Secrets of Staying in love III – (Meeting your partner’s basic needs)

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Good day friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. First I want to wish our great country and her people, HAPPY 55th independence. I believe in this nation, God bless NIGERIA.

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Just before I delve into the question and answer, A recap of the past three weeks on “SECRETS OF STAYING IN LOVE”

Forgiveness is one of the outstanding factors for lasting relationship. With closeness, there is tendency that your partner will hurt you either intentionally, or not.

Sometimes, forgiveness does not make sense but, it is the only positive response to situations.

Weak people revenge, strong people forgive. Any relationship, where communication is non-existent is as good as dead.

The more you talk to someone, the more your heart connects with the person. A non-talking partner makes a relationship/marriage a lonely affair.

Men, if you want to strengthen your love, then you will need to talk to your wife a LOT.

If you missed the previous episodes, you can read up on my Timeline.

Let’s discuss another key factor to staying in love.

Trouble starts in a relationship/ marriage, when basic needs are not met.

Everyone enters into a relationship/marriage with certain expectations. Failure to meet key expectations, can lead to the collapse of such relationship /marriage. Meeting the needs of your partner, will require a lot of sacrifice.

“Do-me-I-do you” mentality hardly makes a relationship/marriage vibrant. In demanding for our needs to be met, we must be careful about how we demand, else it backfires.

Meeting the other’s needs requires basic knowledge, of what makes them happy/feel loved.

When needs are met out of demand and pressure, the relationship/marriage is likely to fail. Love  makes each partner, pleasure the other at his/her expense. A true lover feels happy when their partner is happy.

If you continually think of your happiness alone, you may not have a successful relationship/marriage.

A huge part of successful relationship /marriage is, enjoying the sacrifices we make.

The basic emotional needs for a man are, respect, sex, friendship & support.

Sex is very important for men, sometimes, more important than food.

Turning down your hubby’s sexual advances can affect his self-esteem. Women must learn to remain sensual to their husband.

A non-sexual partner is heartbreaking for most men. Most women would rather talk and cuddle than have sex. To make your husband happy, make the sex Explosive!

Men also love to have a partner that is their buddy. Generally, guys love a partner who is interested in their world.

Some ladies need to make adjustment to accommodate their partner’s sport interest.

Men should also be considerate in their demands from their partners.

Next week, we will talk about how to make your woman happy and feel loved.

Women love men who assure them in words and deeds that, they will be there through thick and thin.

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