The noise about Biafra and these ignorant 21st century kids


I really don’t like the noise about this Biafra issue. They don’t want to be part of Nigeria, give them Biafra then wait 10-15 years and see if it will be any different.

Some people are sincerely ignorant about the Biafra agenda while those who have a hidden agenda actually look forward to forming a Biafran government to enrich themselves. Whichever way, they have a right to ask.

What I hate is some kid born in the 80s and 90s shouting Biafra and threatening war.

Kids who have never sat one-on-one with those who experienced the war to get a first-hand report of events.

Maybe they ignore the fact that in a war, you are attacked on land, aimed for elimination on d waters, suffer airstrikes even in d bush, waters are contaminated, dead bodies litter everywhere, kids suffer, no safe place etc.

Some of you think you will still be able to make calls, tweet, use ATMs to withdraw cash, post on Facebook and coordinate if you eventually start a war. You must be dumb.

A legit request, fine, but some of these moves in the name of Biafra are dumb.

I don’t think those who saw the 1967-1970 war are part of this and if they are, I’m sure they have a better way of going about it, which these ignorant kids need to learn first.

Ndigbo leaders really need to sit down with these ignorant 21st century kids and let them know threatening war isn’t the way to go even if your agitations are legit.

If you still have constitutionally recognized representatives in the ‘zoo’ as National assembly members, it’s either you make them stop representing you or make them push for your demands.

Wisdom is profitable to direct in my humble opinion. God bless Nigeria and grant wisdom to her people.


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