Some Reasons why Couples are Unhappy

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Today we will be discussing some reasons WHY COUPLES ARE UNHAPPY.  If you know someone who needs to read this, do invite them to follow the conversation.

It is very common today to find partners that regret their marriage/relationship. Many married people are looking for a way out of their marriage. It seems like “They lived happily ever after” is a fairy tale than reality.

Many marriages/relationship failure is due to inadequate attention. The fear of divorce and heartbreak has kept many away from marriage. Success in relationship/marriage is dependent on the willingness of both partners to make it work.

If a relationship/marriage would work, making it a priority is key. Expecting your relationship/marriage to work out without making aneffort is unreal; another Hollywood fairy-tale.

Most people will make adjustments for their career goals but not their relationship/marriage! What a pity. A great relationship is a product of sacrifice.

Marriages fail because, we don’t prioritize its success. If you trivialize your marriage/relationship, it might eventually collapse.

Relationship/marriage becomes frustrating, when a partner continually does things that makes the other unhappy.

Taking your partner for granted, is another cause of unhappy relationships/marriage.

If you continually upset your partner with a behavior repeatedly, your relationship/marriage might not last. Understanding what makes your partner happy/sad is vital to a happy relationship/marriage. Careless partners aren’t sensitive to their partners and their emotional needs.

One key cause of unhappiness for a woman is independent behavior. Living and making decisions, without your partner’s input or consent is heartbreaking. Independence in a relationship/marriage, makes the other feel unimportant.

For a happy marriage, there must be some level of dependence on each other. It is important for your partner to know, that they are cared for and carried along in decision making.

Doing things together, keeps us together. Most men love to do things alone. This is unhealthy for a relationship/marriage.

Your forgiveness or tolerance level is also a major indicator of you relationship/marriage success. The one that can’t forgive can’t have a lasting relationship/marriage.

Some people keep scores of wrongs in a relationship/marriage. It will only damage you and the relationship.

Marriage is not a law court to settle scores, but a place of continuous forgiveness. If couples become forgiving, they will have happy and enjoyable marriage.

Choosing to do right when your partner is wrong, is an uncommon marriage secret. Revenge is easy and immature, forgiveness demonstrates maturity.

Ladies, storing proofs of your man’s wrongdoing is not healthy for your relationship.

In conclusion, forgiveness shouldn’t be conflicted with accommodating abusive behaviors. If you don’t forgive your partner, you won’t be able to move on. Crisis mode activated.

That will be all for now, we continue next week. Do remember to RT, comment and ask questions. Do have a great day.


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