Just like we all have different faces, thoughts, ideas and experiences, we have also different perceptions and see issues from different perspectives. So, our priorities, values, goals and motivation are different. The problem with most of us is that, we hate to accept others whose ideals and beliefs are different from ours. This in my opinion is one of the greatest problems facing humanity.

Follow the numerous rants, insults and abuses on social media today and you will see that the common denominator is the expression of divergent views, ideals or opinions by someone else. Most of us still need to learn how to ALLOW other people express their opinion even if we do not AGREE (at the moment) with such opinions. Then we can enlighten them and if they refuse to be enlightened, let them be, you can’t force it on them.

Sometimes it takes weeks/months/years to fully grasp an idea/opinion someone else expressed in the past and sometimes we never get to be on the same page, yet, we don’t all necessarily have to be in agreement all the time. We need to mature to the point where we accept that we can’t all have the same ideals and perceptions and we can’t all see things from the same perspective. #ItIsCalledLIFE


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