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Today, we shall be discussing “REBOOTING A DYING RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE.” Nothing hurts quite like a dying marriage/relationship. There is no loneliness as intense as living with a stranger, especially one that used to be your best friend.

When a relationship/marriage is dying, the prospect of separating appears appealing than staying together. In a dying marriage/relationship, that one person whom you love with your heart has become a roommate than a soul mate. So how did you get here, and are there any ways to get back to the love you once knew?

Firstly, is it normal to feel Continue reading


How to attract ‘boo’

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

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If you have missed previous episodes, here is a quick recap of what we have been discussing.

Everyone enters into a relationship/marriage with certain expectations. Trouble starts in a relationship/ marriage, where basic needs are not met. Failure of key expectations being met, can lead to the collapse of such relationship /marriage.

A true lover feels happy when their partner is happy.

Today we shall be focusing on “HOW TO ATTRACT BOO”. Do remember to invite your friends to follow the conversation.

50% of relationships/marriage problems can be solved by choosing the right spouse. The same way a bad tree can’t produce good fruits, choosing bad spouse can’t make a Continue reading

Fixing relationship commitment issues

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Hello friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Have you or someone you know, ever been afraid to give yourself fully to someone because you were afraid of what might result?

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A commitment-phobic is a spouse or potential spouse that shies away from taking the next step in a relationship. This person, finds it comfortable being in a relationship where things are not defined.

A commitment-phobic, loves to enjoy benefits of a relationship without attached responsibility.

With a commitment-phobic, one is never sure about the Continue reading

Dealing with an ex.

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Today, we shall be discussing “DEALING WITH THE “EX” FACTOR”. Although, relating with an ex could seem harmless, it can threaten your current relationship.

Why we keep relating with an ex is a key point to consider.

A key reason is because of real friendship they previously shared. Sometimes, a person could be a “bad partner” but a very good friend, hence, when an ex is a good friend, you find yourself falling back into the friend zone.

Another reason why people keep relating with their ex could be due to sexual attachment. Some men/women are attracted to their ex because of previous ecstatic sexual experiences and they want a replay. Such attachment, to the ex, is focused on meeting each other’s sexual Continue reading

WRONG MINDSET IN RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE (#adamandeve series on Twitter with Pastor Bolaji Idowu)

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

  1. Good evening and thanks for joining today’s episode of #adamandeve.
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  3. We discussed MAKING YOUR SPOUSE HAPPY last week and will continue in subsequent weeks. Missed it? Kindly read on my Timeline
  4. Today our focus is on CHOOSING A SPOUSE. Do remember to invite your friend to follow the conversation.
  5. The way the quality of our decisions determines the quality of life, so also, quality of choice
  6. Inferior products are from inferior materials, “poor” marriage/relationship is mostly a function of “poor” choice
  7. Who to marry is a ROOT issue and cannot be altered by mere cosmetic changes as they are tough and adamant to resolve.
  8. The choice of who you marry reflects your level of wisdom.
  9. If you find yourself choosing problematic relationship you need to re-examine HOW and WHAT you choose.
  10. The wrong mind-set towards relationship/marriage is a BIG reason for wrong choice.
  11. Let’s examine quickly 5 WRONG RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE MINDSETS; 1. I am looking for someone to make me happy.
  12. This mind-set believes that happiness will come with the introduction of someone else into their life.
  13. Truth is, if you cannot make yourself happy I doubt if someone else can
  14. Another wrong mind-set is CONSUMER MENTALITY. Failure of most marriage/relationship is because people enter with this Continue reading

Relationship/Marriage – Between Ignorance & Willpower… (What really destroys?)

What destroys relationships/marriages? Ignorance? Lack of love/understanding? Irreconcilable differences? Incompatibility? What exactly?

So many factors affect relationship/ marriages, however, what really destroys most relationships/marriages isn’t much of ignorance on the part of those involved, or differences, but a lack of WILLPOWER.

Most people know what is right, what is pleasant and what is acceptable. Most people know what can make their relationship/marriage work and blossom. However, what is usually missing is a combination of determination and self-discipline that enables somebody to do something, despite the difficulties involved. That’s what we call WILLPOWER.

When we are ‘in love’ the body produces hormones that provide us that willpower by default. We therefore are tuned to doing so many things for, and with, our partner, despite the difficulties involved. When the hormone supply dwindles and possibly runs out, even though we know these things, it apparently becomes gradually difficult to Continue reading

Learning from the U.S. Army (The 7 Core Values)

The 7 Core Values

The 7 Core Values

If everyone had the core values of LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, HONOUR, INTEGRITY & PERSONAL COURAGE. Won’t we be better off?

Those are CORE VALUES of the U.S Army. If every citizen, organization, society adopts those, in addition to other values, what do you think will happen?

Tremendous successes & outstanding achievements will be recorded. Willpower binds these values together. What is willpower then?

Willpower is determination & commitment to do a task despite the seeming difficulty &challenges involved. Isn’t that what most of us lack?

You need Willpower to save consistently, to build a great relationship/marriage, to run a business, to raise a family, to train your kids. You need it, to study, to pass an exam well, to build a nation. Everything worth doing requires willpower – (determination & commitment)

Commitment itself isn’t giving your best as most people think. It is actually giving it what it takes, all that is required for success

So if you are committed to having a great family for example, Continue reading