DivorceGood evening friends, welcome to December! It’s never too late to achieve your dreams, don’t lose hope yet. Today, we shall be addressing a topic many shy away from, but unfortunately, it is a reality these days & staring at us in the face.

You find two people who seem to be in love/inseparable, get married few months, years down the line; they want a DIVORCE! It almost seems normal these days, for couples to be “tired and want out” in a marriage.

Staying married these days almost seems abnormal. This makes me wonder, how did our parents stay married to each other with all the issues/problems they Continue reading



Good evening friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Do remember to invite a friend to follow the conversation.

Today, we shall be discussing “REBOOTING A DYING RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE.” Nothing hurts quite like a dying marriage/relationship. There is no loneliness as intense as living with a stranger, especially one that used to be your best friend.

When a relationship/marriage is dying, the prospect of separating appears appealing than staying together. In a dying marriage/relationship, that one person whom you love with your heart has become a roommate than a soul mate. So how did you get here, and are there any ways to get back to the love you once knew?

Firstly, is it normal to feel Continue reading

Fixing relationship commitment issues

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Hello friends, welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Have you or someone you know, ever been afraid to give yourself fully to someone because you were afraid of what might result?

Then you should invite them to follow this handle, join in the conversation on” FIXING COMMITMENT ISSUES”.

A commitment-phobic is a spouse or potential spouse that shies away from taking the next step in a relationship. This person, finds it comfortable being in a relationship where things are not defined.

A commitment-phobic, loves to enjoy benefits of a relationship without attached responsibility.

With a commitment-phobic, one is never sure about the Continue reading

Dealing with an ex.

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Today, we shall be discussing “DEALING WITH THE “EX” FACTOR”. Although, relating with an ex could seem harmless, it can threaten your current relationship.

Why we keep relating with an ex is a key point to consider.

A key reason is because of real friendship they previously shared. Sometimes, a person could be a “bad partner” but a very good friend, hence, when an ex is a good friend, you find yourself falling back into the friend zone.

Another reason why people keep relating with their ex could be due to sexual attachment. Some men/women are attracted to their ex because of previous ecstatic sexual experiences and they want a replay. Such attachment, to the ex, is focused on meeting each other’s sexual Continue reading

Resolving Negative Parental Consent towards marriage

Good day and welcome to today’s episode of #adamandeve. Today, we will be dealing with RESOLVING NEGATIVE PARENTAL CONSENT.

It’s common knowledge that in choice of who to marry, parental consent plays a key role.

Often, parental consent in marriage can be a manipulative tool in the hands of parents.

Parental consent is important since you don’t just marry your spouse, you marry into a family. Parental consent is also important as it helps to Continue reading

Dealing with a Lying partner II – The Approach

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In continuation of our discussion on “Dealing with a Lying partner,” I will focus briefly on how to approach the situation.

So you caught your spouse lying, you are really hurt and upset. What do you do? How do you confront the situation?
One suggestion I have is to approach the discussion as a “conversation” and not as a “confrontation.”

Yes, I know you want to go straight to them and make them aware that you know what’s happening and you know the truth. You must speak as a team trying to find a solution. Rather than as though you are opponents in battle.

When you do speak to your spouse, do not focus on Continue reading

Dealing with a lying Partner (Cont’d)

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Last week, we started a new discussion on “Dealing with a lying partner 1” and it generated tremendous response.

It seems everyone has been affected one way or the other by lies. Everyone agrees lying is a destructive habit that hurts you and everyone around you.

Dealing with a lying partner can be one of the greatest challenges in a Continue reading