Just like we all have different faces, thoughts, ideas and experiences, we have also different perceptions and see issues from different perspectives. So, our priorities, values, goals and motivation are different. The problem with most of us is that, we hate to accept others whose ideals and beliefs are different from ours. This in my opinion is one of the greatest problems facing humanity.

Follow the numerous rants, insults and abuses on social media today and you will see that the common denominator is the expression of divergent views, ideals or opinions by someone else. Continue reading


If you want to get to your destination, you better keep the headlights on in the dark.

No matter how experienced you are at driving, you will always need the headlights at night.

Sometimes we start to feel we are now “experienced” and then we begin to turn off the headlights and shut God out of our journey in life. I’ve been there, so I ain’t judging nobody.

Of course, we might be experienced, but when you Continue reading

The Heart, The Tongue, The Word… Your Life

Yes-you-can-logo “Keep thy heart with all diligence;” says the good book “for out of it are the issues of life”. (Pro 4:23). The heart is the seat of all thoughts, everything we can ever think of comes from within it. Thoughts about who we are, who we want to become, how we want our lives to turn out etc.  
These thoughts themselves are accumulated over time, usually subliminally, and we hardly ever realize that they mostly shape the direction our lives head and what/who we eventually become.
“A good man out of the Continue reading

It’s my life, advise me, but please let me be

It is annoying when you meet someone who is doing everything possible to control your life, to box you in, to make decisions for you and take away your freedom of choice.

They want you to do exactly as they have said, not minding whether it’s what you want or not.

In fact, they really don’t care how you feel about it, just do as you are told.

It’s more annoying when they are someone you have a lot of regard for. Someone you will not find it easy to say “No” to.

I have learned in my life, however, that Continue reading

Saying “NO”to you.

This is a piece I wrote some years ago and I can’t help but smile at my seeming innocence when it was written. Do I still have this struggle now? Well, Yes, sometimes but not as intense. #Life. Enjoy.

“Dear LORD,

How are you today? I know you are always fine. I am here once again to report someone to you. It’s easy for me to say ‘No’ to everyone else except him.

Once he decides to go after something, it is difficult to dissuade him. He is so strong willed and it is always a tug of war trying to persuade him to jettison his thoughts.

Sometimes, he knows what he is going after is absolutely wrong, but he says sometimes that those things feel so good. He starts to come up with flimsy reasons why he should continue in the act, saying “it is just an adventure” and sometimes he says “Life is fun”.

I am getting tired of struggling with him, every now and then, so Dear LORD, I put him in your hands. I’m sure you know him already LORD. ”

…and the LORD replies…

“Dear son, Oh YES! I know him absolutely well. He is YOU.

It’s easy for you to say ‘No’ to everyone else except YOU. Right? Once YOU decide to go after something, it is difficult to dissuade YOU.

You are so strong willed and it is always a tug of war trying to persuade YOU to jettison your thoughts.

Sometimes, YOU know what you are going after is absolutely wrong, but sometimes those things feel so good.

YOU come up with flimsy reasons why YOU should continue in the act, saying “it is just an adventure” and sometimes YOU say “Life is fun”. You are tired of struggling with YOU every now and then.

Dear SON, I am always here, but it is your duty to learn how YOU will be tamed. YOU have desires that need to be controlled and properly channeled.

Saying ‘NO’ to every other person isn’t so difficult like you said, but the greatest challenge you may face in life, is saying “NO” to YOU.

A Quick ‘Don’t’ List (Striking a balance in life)

Don't... Avoiding all extremes

Don’t… Avoiding all extremes

Here is a quick list of the ‘DON’Ts’ most people find difficult to strike a balance with. Definitely not exhaustive, the list will grow with time. Feel free to add your ideas of things we should learn to strike a balance with in life as any of both extremes can be detrimental. Enjoy reading.

Don’t be too logical to disbelieve the supernatural, neither be too super naturally inclined and relegate logic/common sense.

Don’t be too heavenly conscious and become earthly useless, neither be so earthly useful and become heavenly unconscious. Continue reading